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Tips to Make Sure you Never Accidentally Lock Your Child in a Hot Car. 

Do you ever have one of those mornings where everything feels frazzled? A morning where you feel like you can barely carry out each morning task like making lunches, getting the kids ready, feeding yourself and the kids, and getting everyone where they need to be on time? Then on your drive, you think about everything you forgot. Did little Susie remember her homework? Did her brother grab his instrument for band practice? Did you grab the baby’s diaper bag? Did you lock the door, or worse, forget the keys? If you have children, you understand this scenario all too well. Your local locksmith understands this too, when you call panicking that you -gasp-locked your children in the car when you stopped to get gas, or any number of reasons could have had you so frazzled that the kids wound up locked in the vehicle. We at The Lockman know that you are terrified and worried when you call. Please don’t fret; we prioritize your call and can get a locksmith to you right away. However, we never want to see children locked in a car. Below are some tips to make sure you never accidentally lock your child in a hot car.  to keep in mind so they never, accidentally, lock the kids in the car again. 

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The Importance of Re-Keying Your Entire House

The Lockman Memphis

I had the pleasure of doing somewhat of a ride-along with a locksmith from The Lockman recently. Jason Erwin is a well-educated locksmith that made what I assumed would be a complicated job seem easy. I watched as he rekeyed an entire home for a family getting ready to move into their new rental home. I learned a lot while watching Jason rekey the locks of the entire home. The main thing I learned with my time with Jason is the importance of having a single key for every door. These days, more than ever, safety is essential. This sweet family with three beautiful children understands the value of security and trusted The Lockman could get the job done right.  

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Meet Marc Trout of The Lockman

The Lockman Memphis

If you have ever called The Lockman, more likely than not, you have been assisted by Marc Trout. Marc is our longest serving locksmith, with over 14 years of dedication to our company. He serves as our general manager and trainee to all new employees. Marc is the guy our employees call when they have a question, and he is always happy to help. If you had to describe him in one word, it would be, “cool.” He is the mellow one of the group and the most experienced, which is the reason the others turn to him for advice.  

The world of locksmithing is always evolving. Now, instead of car keys, its car fobs. (And yes, The Lockman can make another car fob, if you get locked out.) Re-keying techniques are ever-changing as well. Marc stays ahead of the trends by maintaining his locksmithing education.  

When asked if there is anything he wished his customers knew about him, his response was short and simple, “I take pride in making your home safe for you.” You need to be able to trust a locksmith and Marc is one of the best. When asked what makes The Lockman such a good company to work for, he talks about the owners, Tony, and Tara Scott. He appreciates how they have always had his back. Marc is also incredibly grateful for his team. He goes on to say that hiring The Lockman means you are hiring a dependable, reliable, and friendly company that goes beyond the call of duty for their customers. Each and every employee shows up to work with a smile on their face and keeps that smile throughout the day as they interact with customers. 

Marc said he wanted to be a locksmith ever since he was a young boy. Now, he has three young children of his own. When he is not busy working at The Lockman, you will find him with his family. When time allows, his favorite hobby is off-roading. Taking his vehicle to the limit is the ultimate rush! 

The Lockman offers the following services. 

Residential– install and repair all lock and key systems for your home including deadbolt door locks, padlocks, and security lock systems.  

Automotive– Make keys for any vehicle. Their automotive locksmith services include keys, door lock cylinders and ignition repairs, 

Commercial– Install and repair all lock and key systems including IC Cores, push bars, push paddles code locks, access control, lever handles and more. 

Inevitably, one day you will need locksmith services, and more than likely, Marc Trout will be the one taking care of you. 

Meet Tara, Co-Owner of The Lockman

The Lockman

Lost your keys or locked yourself out of your house? It’s ok we’ve all done it. When it happens, though, you need someone you can trust that will get to you right away and do the job efficiently. Or perhaps you want to make your home as safe as possible by installing a ring alarm system or by rekeying your home. Again, you need someone you can trust. Thankfully in Memphis, you can call The Lockman.  

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Protect your Vacation Home with Security Systems

How to protect your Vacation Home and Air BnB

The Lockman Memphis

Unfortunately, thieves are breaking into unoccupied or vacant homes at an alarming rate. They are often searching for copper piping, and some are even stealing the water meters for the brass. It is not easy to keep an eye on your home all the time, especially if it is several miles away. Luckily, most crime is preventable, and with the proper steps, you too can have peace of mind knowing your vacation home is safe and secure. At The Lockman, we care about your home security and home safety. That is why we have compiled a list of helpful tips for keeping your vacation home or Air BnB secure.  

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Home Security Systems Steps to Ensure You are Not a Victim of Burglary

The Lockman, Memphis, TN 

Did you just spend a glorious week on vacation only to pull in your driveway and find your home was burglarized while you were away? The glee from your previous week is instantly gone, and you are left wondering, “Why me?” You do not have to spend a fortune to protect your home. Home security systems are available and there are a wide variety of options.

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Secure Your World with Help from The Lockman Memphis, TN

It was recently reported on NBC News that a burglary occurs every 13 seconds in America. In many cases the burglary occurred because victims felt comfortable and secure. When people start to feel complacent about their home security, burglars are ready to strike. No matter how safe you feel, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to better security locks for your home. The best route to getting your home safe and secure is a licensed locksmith company. The Lockman in Cordova, Tennessee. 

Many people do not realize that they can call a locksmith for more than just the emergency of locking themselves out of their home or vehicle. At The Lockman, they do offer those services, but they also offer so much more. The Lockman has more in their arsenal of equipment to handle many security concerns. There are several types of keys, security doors, and locks that The Lockman can deliver and install efficiently. Here are a few of the options they offer to better secure your home. 

Security Doors – A strong metal security door is difficult for intruders to break down. These doors can be fitted with various locking mechanisms, including a deadbolt. The deadbolt makes it even harder to break into your home. The Lockman has security doors in stock, or you can order your own and they will install it with your choice of lock. 

Locks-There are many types of locks. You can choose from dead bolts, cylinder, padlocks, or many others. If you are having to change your locks on a budget, you can opt for a cheaper version, yet for better peace of mind, you need to research what lock will work best to keep your valuables secure. The Lockman can supply you with your chosen lock and provide insight into the purpose of each type of lock. 

Keys-There are many types of locks so of course this means there are many types of keys, right? The Lockman can duplicate any key. Even your key fobs for your vehicles. They also offer rekeying your home. Rekeying your home is a cheaper alternative to changing the locks on your home. It is also safer, as you no longer need to stand at your door shuffling through keys. When you rekey your home, you can have all the locks to your home capable of opening with only one key. 

These are just a few of the added security solutions offered by The Lockman. Call them today to learn about more of the products they offer and to schedule a consultation at (901) 246-2246. Your safety is their top priority. During your consultation, they will work with you on finding the best way to secure your home or business. 

Choose the right Locksmith for Rekeying your home or business.

The Lockman of Memphis.

Life happens. There are many situations that require you to take extra precautions to protect yourself, home, or business.  This may mean you need a locksmith. These are the primary reasons a property owner should consider rekeying your home or business.  Don’t wait for an emergency to research the best locksmith for your home or business. Call the Lockman today.

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