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Choose the right Locksmith for Rekeying your home or business.

The Lockman of Memphis.

Life happens. There are many situations that require you to take extra precautions to protect yourself, home, or business.  This may mean you need a locksmith. These are the primary reasons a property owner should consider rekeying your home or business.  Don’t wait for an emergency to research the best locksmith for your home or business. Call the Lockman today.

You have moved. 

This is especially required when you move into an older home but also, a new home. There may be a plethora of people who may have a key to your home. Former homeowners, workers, neighbors, family members, construction contractors and realtors are just a sampling of the types of people who may have duplicate keys access to your home. When you rekey a lock, the pins must be changed in the lock and in doing so, it makes old keys useless. This protects your home and property. 

Rekeying is cost efficient. 

 It is much cheaper to hire a professional, licensed, locksmith to rekey your locks than to replace the entire lock itself. 

You or a family member lost your keys. 

People misplace keys all the time. We set them down at the grocery store, we lay them on the porch swing while we are working in the yard, we drop them down a storm drain. Things happen. Unfortunately, not everyone is honest and it you have any identification or address on your key chain, you are opening yourself up to someone gaining access to your home without your permission. This is valid reason to call The Lockman and have them expertly rekey your locks.  

Missing items in your home.  

You may be noticing things that have gone missing. You may notice prescriptions in the medicine cabinet not being there. You may have good silver or jewelry that has just walked away. Babysitters and house cleaners must gain access to your home to work for you. If you no longer employ these workers, it is a possibility that they have a key or may have made a copy.  


If you have had a recent home invasion, you should rekey your locks immediately. It is possible that the perpetrators may have found a key so they may return to take more later.  

Recent home renovations. 

A contractor, the crew and clean- up crews may have had access to your keys to gain access to work. Copies may have been made and internal work allows a thief to case the inside of your home to see what items they want to take on a future visit.  

Duplicate Keys. 

You have made duplicate keys for friends, relatives, dog-sitters, baby- sitters, cleaning workers, etc.  When too many keys are out that you cannot account for, it is time to rekey your locks.  

Single again.  

Another unfortunate side effect of a break-up or divorce is the fact that one of you who knows your routine and has had a key has moved out. Break-ups are unpredictable, as are people as they go through them. Anything is possible so when a relationship or marriage ends, it is best to have a licensed locksmith professional rekey your locks. 

You recently locked yourself out. 

At some point in time, everyone gets locked out of their home on some unlucky day. You may have tried to gain access yourself without calling a locksmith. You may have damaged the lock, causing the key to not be effective. In cases like this, you should have your lock rekeyed by a licensed professional locksmith.  

Broken key. 

You broke your key off in the lock. Call the Lockman to have your lock rekeyed. Trying to retrieve the broken pieces of the key may only cause more damage and require the entire lock to be replaced at more expense.  

Sometimes it is best to replace old locks. Rekeying may not be the best option. Old, rested locks should be replaced as well as if you want to upgrade security on your home. You should also change locks if you want one key to open every lock in your home.  

The Lockman in Memphis has an amazing staff of licensed locksmiths to help you rekey or change your locks. Call the Lockman today.  The Lockman has been serving Memphis area since 2003.

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