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Rekey Your Home After a Life Event Memphis, TN

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Whether you have just moved into a new home or you have lived there for a bit, rekey locks is your home’s security is probably a top concern.  The best way to ensure your home is secure is to make sure your locks are in tip top shape and that you practice key control. 

Key control refers to the ability to account for each of the keys to your home.  Perhaps, in a moment of naivety you gave a key to a neighbor you are no longer sure you can trust, or maybe your teenager gave a key to the girlfriend you barely know?  Also, did you know that whether your home is rented or purchased multiple people had access to your keys.  They may feel unique to you, but it is likely your locks used a master key system.  At some property management companies multiple people have master keys to get them into the rental homes.  From the agent that showed you the home, or if you purchased your home, the contractors going back and forth, it is likely many people had master keys to your home.  

Whatever the situation, it is important that you know who has the keys to your home now.  Rekey locks your home is now the quickest and most efficient way to ensure your home is secure.  Even if you are renting, you can easily get the locks on your home rekeyed.  Your landlord will just require a copy of your new key. 

Having your locks rekeyed will also aid with convenience. Rather than having multiple keys to unlock your various doors, you can now rekey all of your locks to a single key.  Rekeying is also more affordable than changing the locks entirely. Your locksmith technician can quickly and efficiently update your locks, helping you to feel more secure in no time.  

When it comes to choosing a professional residential locksmith services company to rekey your home you can trust The Lockman.  The Lockman is owned and operated by Tony Scott, a US Army Gulf War veteran, and his wife Tara Scott. They started their business nearly 20 years ago and now are considered the best in Memphis for any locking services.  The team at The Lockman can be trusted.  They earned Consumer Investigator, Andy Wise’s endorsement and are members of multiple elite groups of locksmiths throughout America.  Their certified locksmiths are highly trained, licensed, and get the job done fast.  If you need a new lock installation or an easy and quick door rekey, call the best Memphis locksmith in town at (901) 246-2246  

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