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What To Do if You Lose Your Keys?

Whether you get busy and absentmindedly leave your keys somewhere, your child drops them down a sewer grate while you are out for a walk, or you are involved in a personal robbery, life happens and sometimes people find themselves without their keys to their car, home, or business. So what can you do when disaster strikes and you find yourself without your keys? Stay calm. The Lockman can help. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take:

  1. Take inventory of the keys you must have right away. These will include your car keys, keys to your home, and/or your business.
  1. Take a mental inventory of who may have a spare key to any of the aforementioned and call them immediately.
  1. If you find that no one has a spare key to your home, car or business that is readily available, depending on your circumstances, whereabouts,or type of vehicle, it is time to make the decision to call a locksmith or car dealership. If you choose to call a dealership, it may be much more costly than calling a locksmith and a locksmith can make keys for your home or business as well. A car dealership may also require you to have your car towed into their facility at an additional cost to you. At a dealership, you are also at the mercy of the wait time required due to their workload.
  1. Should you choose to call a locksmith, it is important to find a licensed and bonded locksmith with a good reputation. This locksmith sbe able to respond quickly in the given circumstances, be an automobile locksmith to make a traditional key or have the ability to access your key fob, transponder or smart key system, such as The Lockman. The locksmith should also be a residential and commercial locksmith so they may provide you access and new keys for your home and business. Please inform the locksmith of the year, make and model of your vehicle so they may arrive with the proper equipment to access it. Having an emergency list of professional tradespeople is good to keep on your cell phone in case of emergency. The Lockman’s phone number is (901) 246-2246.
  1. Once a locksmith accesses your car, it is time to get new keys made for your home and/or business.

The Lockman is a family-owned Memphis Locksmith, licensed and bonded, and will come to you. We pride ourselves on our friendly service with integrity. If you lose your keys or need any locksmith services for your home, auto or business, please call us at (901) 246-2246.

Benefits of Installing a Ring Doorbell and Ring Cameras with Professional Camera Installation

Home protection and that of your family is of great importance to every homeowner and technology has come a long way to keep your mind at ease. Ring brand smart doorbells and cameras allow you to not only see who is at your door but can also provide you with video surveillance you can observe from your phone anytime and anywhere, allowing you to keep you, your family, your home and belongings safe from crime, fire or anything unexpected that could cause damage or inflict harm.

The following are benefits of purchasing Ring products for your home and having The Lockman install them for you:


Ring security cameras pick up on movement through motion sensors and alert you through an app on your phone immediately so you can start a livestream and call for police, fire or ambulance to help you or your family. The great thing about this is, you don’t even have to be at home. You can be anywhere to be able to get help as soon as possible. It is also possible with Ring accessories to speak with whomever might be at your door through two-way radio technology. 

Monitoring Your Property

Ring cameras can be installed by The Lockman professionals so that you may self- monitor your home and the area around it. It is important to have The Lockman install it because they are used to working with locks on a day-to-day basis and are familiar with safety of the home involving what angles to hang your cameras to get maximum exposure area so you may keep a watchful eye on your home’s access points, your vehicles, a pool- if you have one, and places that may be hidden from plain view, like sheds or outdoor buildings. The Lockman also knows how to install cameras where bushes and trees will not obstruct surveillance.

Keep Up With The Family

When you are not at home or cannot be next to loved ones at all times, Ring cameras can help you keep up with older children playing in the backyard, an elderly parent taking a swim, or your daughter’s boyfriend dropping by unannounced. If you observe an emergency or a situation that needs attention, you can call for help immediately and avoid harmful situations. In other words, camera installation around your home gives you peace of mind.

Watches Your Pets

Ring cameras allow you to watch over your pets when you aren’t at home. This is of great help if you notice them digging, trying to jump over a fence or if they are endangered by a predatory animal.

Extra Benefits

The app for Ring accessories allows you to capture images and recordings so you may share them with your insurance company in case of a fire, storm or home invasion. These recordings can also be shared with police to help them identify a criminal or to alert neighbors through social media of any dangers that your camera may have picked up. 

Whatever may be going on around your home, Ring accessories and cameras professionally installed by The Lockman are a great addition to your home’s security and allows you to rest peacefully knowing that you have an extra layer of protection for your home and family. 

Tips to Make Sure you Never Accidentally Lock Your Child in a Hot Car. 

Do you ever have one of those mornings where everything feels frazzled? A morning where you feel like you can barely carry out each morning task like making lunches, getting the kids ready, feeding yourself and the kids, and getting everyone where they need to be on time? Then on your drive, you think about everything you forgot. Did little Susie remember her homework? Did her brother grab his instrument for band practice? Did you grab the baby’s diaper bag? Did you lock the door, or worse, forget the keys? If you have children, you understand this scenario all too well. Your local locksmith understands this too, when you call panicking that you -gasp-locked your children in the car when you stopped to get gas, or any number of reasons could have had you so frazzled that the kids wound up locked in the vehicle. We at The Lockman know that you are terrified and worried when you call. Please don’t fret; we prioritize your call and can get a locksmith to you right away. However, we never want to see children locked in a car. Below are some tips to make sure you never accidentally lock your child in a hot car.  to keep in mind so they never, accidentally, lock the kids in the car again. 

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The Importance of Security Doors 

At The Lockman Memphis, your safety is our priority. One of the ways we can help ensure your home is safe is to install a security door. Sadly, crime is on the rise. With crime on the rise, we need to do all we can to ensure our home and our family is as safe as possible.  

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The Importance of Re-Keying Your Entire House

The Lockman Memphis

I had the pleasure of doing somewhat of a ride-along with a locksmith from The Lockman recently. Jason Erwin is a well-educated locksmith that made what I assumed would be a complicated job seem easy. I watched as he rekeyed an entire home for a family getting ready to move into their new rental home. I learned a lot while watching Jason rekey the locks of the entire home. The main thing I learned with my time with Jason is the importance of having a single key for every door. These days, more than ever, safety is essential. This sweet family with three beautiful children understands the value of security and trusted The Lockman could get the job done right.  

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Meet Marc Trout of The Lockman

The Lockman Memphis

If you have ever called The Lockman, more likely than not, you have been assisted by Marc Trout. Marc is our longest serving locksmith, with over 14 years of dedication to our company. He serves as our general manager and trainee to all new employees. Marc is the guy our employees call when they have a question, and he is always happy to help. If you had to describe him in one word, it would be, “cool.” He is the mellow one of the group and the most experienced, which is the reason the others turn to him for advice.  

The world of locksmithing is always evolving. Now, instead of car keys, its car fobs. (And yes, The Lockman can make another car fob, if you get locked out.) Re-keying techniques are ever-changing as well. Marc stays ahead of the trends by maintaining his locksmithing education.  

When asked if there is anything he wished his customers knew about him, his response was short and simple, “I take pride in making your home safe for you.” You need to be able to trust a locksmith and Marc is one of the best. When asked what makes The Lockman such a good company to work for, he talks about the owners, Tony, and Tara Scott. He appreciates how they have always had his back. Marc is also incredibly grateful for his team. He goes on to say that hiring The Lockman means you are hiring a dependable, reliable, and friendly company that goes beyond the call of duty for their customers. Each and every employee shows up to work with a smile on their face and keeps that smile throughout the day as they interact with customers. 

Marc said he wanted to be a locksmith ever since he was a young boy. Now, he has three young children of his own. When he is not busy working at The Lockman, you will find him with his family. When time allows, his favorite hobby is off-roading. Taking his vehicle to the limit is the ultimate rush! 

The Lockman offers the following services. 

Residential– install and repair all lock and key systems for your home including deadbolt door locks, padlocks, and security lock systems.  

Automotive– Make keys for any vehicle. Their automotive locksmith services include keys, door lock cylinders and ignition repairs, 

Commercial– Install and repair all lock and key systems including IC Cores, push bars, push paddles code locks, access control, lever handles and more. 

Inevitably, one day you will need locksmith services, and more than likely, Marc Trout will be the one taking care of you. 

Meet Ivan Diaz, One of the Trusted Locksmiths at The Lockman

Meet The Lockman Team

If you had to use only one word to describe Ivan Diaz, that word would be …Enthusiastic. He is the type of man whose smile is contagious and his laugh infectious. Ivan has joyfully been with The Lockman for nearly two years, and he is a fantastic asset to the company. He considers the locksmith trade an art form and was eager to learn the craft after seeing friends in the business happy and successful. When asked why he loves his job, he responds, “the professionalism, discretion, kindness, and safety at this job are abundant.”  

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Meet Tara, Co-Owner of The Lockman

The Lockman

Lost your keys or locked yourself out of your house? It’s ok we’ve all done it. When it happens, though, you need someone you can trust that will get to you right away and do the job efficiently. Or perhaps you want to make your home as safe as possible by installing a ring alarm system or by rekeying your home. Again, you need someone you can trust. Thankfully in Memphis, you can call The Lockman.  

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Protect your Vacation Home with Security Systems

How to protect your Vacation Home and Air BnB

The Lockman Memphis

Unfortunately, thieves are breaking into unoccupied or vacant homes at an alarming rate. They are often searching for copper piping, and some are even stealing the water meters for the brass. It is not easy to keep an eye on your home all the time, especially if it is several miles away. Luckily, most crime is preventable, and with the proper steps, you too can have peace of mind knowing your vacation home is safe and secure. At The Lockman, we care about your home security and home safety. That is why we have compiled a list of helpful tips for keeping your vacation home or Air BnB secure.  

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