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​​The Lockman is Your Commercial Locksmith to Help After a Burglary in Memphis, Tennessee

If you own a  business, the effects of a break-in can be especially disruptive and costly with losses ranging from destruction of property to  merchandise loss, money loss and loss of vital and confidential information.

A business burglary can also leave you feeling vulnerable and helpless. However, there is no need to fret because when or if a burglary at your business occurs, The Lockman is a Commercial Locksmith who is there for you. 

Rebuilding your business’s security will help you regain control and better protect your assets and building in the future. Here are some things The Lockman can do for you to protect your business and assets:

Assess the Damage

The Lockman will start by assessing the damage done to your business as soon as possible, relating to access points like windows and doors. Some signs of burglary intrusion can be hard to spot for someone who is not a commercial locksmith professional, so make sure to call us promptly at (901) 246-2246.  It is vital to call The Lockman as soon as possible to avoid further losses.

 Secure your Business in Layers

Once your business experiences a burglary, you may want to approach security for your building with a multi-prong approach. 

  • Start with Re-Keying all locks on the building. This will keep anyone who may have a key from gaining access again.For businesses, rekeying can be an ideal option instead of changing all the locks in a new office or commercial building.Changing all locks can be both a hassle and more costly. Rekeying the locks to work with new keys can be a simpler process.  We can work with businesses of any size to do this—whether you’re a large corporation trying to overhaul an entire building’s locks or you’re a small business with different needs. For larger buildings, we can offer you the service of putting your locks on a Master Key System.  This is a great option for those businesses who have a large volume of keys and are looking for a quick, trustworthy and cost-effective option of rekeying. 
  • Our services also include IC cores. Our technicians can either rekey or replace your IC cores and provide your business with its own control key and master key. If your business does require new hardware, we INSTALL all types of commercial hardware: push bars, push paddles, electronic strikes, code locks, door closers, access control and lever handles.  With all of our installations, we are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • With any business, file cabinets are an important facet in organizing materials, papers, and files. Your management team may prefer to have those file cabinets locked at all times. Because file cabinet keys are often smaller than typical keys – and they may not be utilized as often – they can be easily misplaced.
  • We have you covered! The Lockman carries a plethora of key blanks in its shop so that no matter what kind of file cabinet key you may need copied, we can do it quickly and easily.
  • This could be done when first purchasing a file cabinet key. That way, you can avoid the hassle of attempting to replace them if all keys are lost or stolen. If this happens, no worries: we can even replace the file cabinet locks themselves!
  • Surveillance Cameras are another option The Lockman can install for you. We install Ring cameras and accessories that work with smart technology on your phone so you may monitor and be notified immediately if your business security has been compromised. 

The Lockman is here for you should your business suffer a break-in. Call us at (901) 246-2246 to help.

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