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Why Car Keys Fail and How The Lockman Can Help in Memphis, Tennessee

Car key replacement has changed drastically over the years Here’s a few reasons why your car keys may be failing and how to tell if it is the key or vehicle:

The lock is broken

Broken car locks can occur when too much pressure is applied when using the key. Older vehicles may be subject to this due to repeated undo pressure over a greater period of time, this leading to the broken lock or locks.

The internal parts of the lock can get worn down due to repeated use or abuse. Also, keyholes themselves may get occluded due to debris and dirt, leading to the lock working improperly.

The key is damaged

Vehicle keys can get worn out. Period. Over time, the key grooves can get worn down or keys may not be kept up properly and get scratched.  Key fobs may experience mechanical problems such as battery issues or connection issues which can cause need for replacement.

Your ignition may need attention or be bad

The ignition of a vehicle experiences wear and tear over time as well. If your key opens vehicle doors and the trunk  properly but will not make the vehicle turn over, it may very well be an ignition issue.

Your battery may be dead

As stated in reason two, your key fob batteries may be dead. Key fob batteries are like most other batteries and after enough time has passed, they will run out. This can lead to your key fob failing to work. This is a common occurrence and should be one of the first things checked if your key fob fails to work. Once your key fob’s battery is replaced, if it is an issue with the key fob battery, you should be good to go!

The key fob is damaged

Problems can occur with keyless, electronic-start vehicles as well. Key fobs can stop working due to exposure to water, excessive heat or moisture, prolonged use, repetitive dropping or banging, ect.. Due to these instances, the key is unable to send any signals that might affect the fob and cause it to be out of alignment and unable to function properly.

The key isn’t programmed or programmed improperly

Key fobs can lose their programming when their batteries die. The programming may have been corrupted if you received a duplicate key or after-market key, The key fob must be paired with the vehicle. If either scenario has happened, you will need to reprogram the automobile keys to inform both the receiver and the transponder that they should be communicating with one another. This will allow the key fob to work.

The gear settings are off

If the gear is set to a position other than park or neutral, turning the key in the ignition won’t make it operate.  The keys can function properly when you adjust the gears or shake the stick but if the issue continues, call The Lockman. The fob may have to be replaced or reprogrammed and we have car lock specialist locksmiths that can help. 

When all else fails, call The Lockman.

Don’t panic. The Lockman has 20 years of experience serving the Memphis metro area as an automobile locksmith. Call The Lockman at (901) 246-2246 for your appointment. 

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