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Tips from The Lockman to Keep Your Home Safe From Home Invasion and Burglary in Memphis, Tennessee

Your home is your castle and staying safe while living in Memphis and surrounding areas is important to The Lockman. According to 2022 studies from the Memphis Shelby County Crime Commission and The University of Memphis Public Safety Institute, violent crime has increased 17 percent in Memphis and 10.8 percent  in Shelby County since 2006. And according to recent data from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, major property crime is up 18 percent from last year in Memphis and 14.8 percent throughout thShelby County.  That is why we want to provide you with some information we feel will lessen your home’s chances of being a target to criminals in the Mid South. 

How Burglars Target Your Home and Tips on How to Prevent It

  1. Burglars target homes with low visibility and no lighting or little lighting so it is important to have The Lockman come out to install Ring Accessories with floodlights that you may put on a smart timer and activate from your phone. You may also put interior lights on timers as well. 
  2. Another target thieves strive for are old, damaged or rusted doors and locks. The Lockman will come out to your home or business and install your security doors and as always, will replace old or damaged locks. We also provide tips on our social media for you like making sure that you know to spray locks with a lubricant like WD-40 before the colder months set in so your locks don’t get rusty or damaged due to the weather.
  3. Do you have a well kept yard? It’s not just for Yard of the Month, it’s for your safety. An unkempt yard can mean that you have bushes and trees that may camouflage a burglar’s actions around getting into your home so it is important to keep trees and bushes pruned back for clear visibility.
  4. Do you have a clear view inside your home? Having blinds or curtains up to obstruct prying eyes from seeing into your home to watch you or to see your possessions is vital.
  5. Put up your trash bins. Leaving trash bins on the sidewalk isn’t just rude to your neighbors, it is a sign that you may not be at home. That is what thieves like to target.
  6. Leave some noise. A television or stereo set to a reasonable volume set on timers is a great way to deter potential intruders. 
  7. Dogs. Thieves don’t know that Fido will jump up and lick them if they come in your door. Although, most dogs do protect their environment from strangers should they approach. Dogs aren’t just wonderful companions, they can be a fantastic burglar deterrent. 
  8. Check your mail. No one WANTS bills but, if you don’t check your mailbox, it could be a direct sign to a burglar that you are away on vacation and a target for their thievery.
  9. Don’t leave keys outside. If you have to leave a key out for emergencies, find a trusted friend or neighbor to leave a key with for emergencies. 
  10.  Lock all your windows and doors, especially while sleeping or away from home. Thieves look for opportunities. Don’t let a door left unlocked make you and your home a target. 
  11. Make sure that if you have a garage that it is secure, has good lighting and that the interior door to the house is locked just in case. 
  12. Install storm doors. Storm doors are an added layer of protection for doorway entry. Wood doors alone may be kicked in. The Lockman is happy to come out and install your storm doors for you. Just call to make your appointment. 
  13. Finally, if you live alone, leave a pair of men’s boots outside your door. This will deter burglars who may be searching for homeowners who typically may seem more vulnerable.

The Lockman is always here for you and we provide all your locksmithing needs for home, business and automobiles. We also install Ring accessories and storm doors to help keep you and your family safe. We are always happy to help. Just call us at (901) 246-2246 for your appointment.

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