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7 Questions to Ask Your Local Locksmith Before Hiring 

The Lockman Memphis

Every week, 1 in 4 American adults, lose their keys. Most of us have run into this issue and know how frustrating it can be. If you find yourself suddenly locked out of your home or car, you will need a locksmith you can trust. Here are a 7 questions to ask your local locksmith before hiring them.

7 Important Questions:

  1. How much experience do they have?  

It is so much more helpful to have an experienced and prepared locksmith. At The Lockman, the owners have been in the business for over a decade, and when they hire a new locksmith, they make sure the locksmith is given vigilant training before they ever see a customer. In addition, most of their employees have been with them for five or more years and are always ready to teach new team members how to perfect the art of locksmithing.  

  1. Are they actually local locksmiths? 

You will waste precious time if you accidentally hire a locksmith from a remote community. If you are locked out, not only is it more convenient to have a locksmith nearby, but it is also a safer scenario.  

  1. What are the rates? 

It would be best to look for a locksmith that combines quality with affordability. Some locksmith companies choose to charge by the hour and others by the job. Ensure you know the rates, so you are not out of budget before hiring a locksmith. 

  1. Make sure you hire a skilled locksmith. 

Make it a point to ask about their skills. For example, ask the locksmith about their certifications or specialty skills. Once you hear them speak about their qualifications, you can get a better feel if they will be prepared when they reach you. 

  1. Ask them about the services they offer. 

It is essential that you hire a locksmith who can tell you about any lock and key services their company provides. A locksmith does not just unlock your home or car, they are also skilled at rekeying a home or business, installing a deadbolt, creating panic bars, safe lockouts, making new keys, including car fob keys, etc. The Lockman offers all these services at affordable rates.  

  1. Are they licensed? 

Licensing is not required in all states. Yet, if a locksmith company is licensed, you can have peace of mind that they are a legitimate business and offer exceptional skills.  

  1. Do they offer a warranty? 

An excellent locksmith will be confident enough in his abilities that it should be no problem to offer a warranty, ideally a 30-day warranty. The best locksmiths guarantee the work offered to each of their customers. 

The Lockman of Memphis is a licensed company that offers a warranty on any work they do for their customers and can answer all your questions and concerns regarding your locksmith needs. So, if you find yourself in a bind or simply need to rekey your home or business and need the services of a locksmith, contact The Lockman today at (901) 246-2246. 

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