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Meet Tara, Co-Owner of The Lockman

The Lockman

Lost your keys or locked yourself out of your house? It’s ok we’ve all done it. When it happens, though, you need someone you can trust that will get to you right away and do the job efficiently. Or perhaps you want to make your home as safe as possible by installing a ring alarm system or by rekeying your home. Again, you need someone you can trust. Thankfully in Memphis, you can call The Lockman.  

When you call The Lockman, a woman with a strong Philly accent will usually answer your call. This is Tara, and Tara runs the show at The Lockman. I had the opportunity to sit down with Tara recently to ask her a few questions about her chosen profession, and well, frankly, now I sorta want to work for Tara. For Tara, “her guys” are her family. This team of guys includes her husband Tony and, as Tara describes them, 4 of the most dependable locksmiths in Memphis. I’ve always thought being a locksmith was an exciting career choice, so I was delighted to pick her brain on how she got into the business and why The Lockman is considered Memphis’s best locksmith in town. 

Tara became a locksmith with her husband Tony. Tony is a decorated veteran and a well-respected member of his community. They essentially learned the business together. They learned it backward and forwards. So much so, they were able to go into business for themselves. After years of working together at a locksmith company they took their shared knowledge and opened The Lockman. Luckily Tara has a good feel for people, and she believes their success isn’t just because they are experts at what they do. She believes that her hiring the perfect crew is the reason for their success.  

When you hire a locksmith, you need to know you are hiring someone trustworthy. Tara knows that, and each guy was handpicked because Tara knew they could be trusted, and none of them have let her down yet. In fact, most of the team have been with her for years. They respect her home (bbq’s and employee appreciation parties often happen at her home), their work vehicles, and most importantly, they respect their fellow team members.  

It’s obvious The Lockman team is a tight-knit group. The ebb and flow of each day run so smoothly because her guys respect not just Tara and Tony; they also respect each other. They lean on each other for support and knowledge. On rare occasions, one locksmith might need to go to another locksmith for advice on a job. Tara is proud to say they never hesitate to help each other out. They are also adaptable. The world of locksmithing is ever-changing. Car keys now have fobs, new alarms come out all the time, and they have to adapt and consistently gain new knowledge. Her team is excited to learn and eager to apply themselves once they learn new tricks of the trade, “these guys are not afraid of a challenge,” says Tara. 

It’s nice to know that this company is thriving because of dependable employees, and it’s just as lovely to see owners who are proud of their team. So the next time you need a locksmith, rest assured when you hire The Lockman, you can trust you are hiring professional locksmiths that genuinely care about the quality of their work and adding value to the community they serve. Locked out? Call the Lockman. 

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