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Tips to Make Sure you Never Accidentally Lock Your Child in a Hot Car. 

Do you ever have one of those mornings where everything feels frazzled? A morning where you feel like you can barely carry out each morning task like making lunches, getting the kids ready, feeding yourself and the kids, and getting everyone where they need to be on time? Then on your drive, you think about everything you forgot. Did little Susie remember her homework? Did her brother grab his instrument for band practice? Did you grab the baby’s diaper bag? Did you lock the door, or worse, forget the keys? If you have children, you understand this scenario all too well. Your local locksmith understands this too, when you call panicking that you -gasp-locked your children in the car when you stopped to get gas, or any number of reasons could have had you so frazzled that the kids wound up locked in the vehicle. We at The Lockman know that you are terrified and worried when you call. Please don’t fret; we prioritize your call and can get a locksmith to you right away. However, we never want to see children locked in a car. Below are some tips to make sure you never accidentally lock your child in a hot car.  to keep in mind so they never, accidentally, lock the kids in the car again. 

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