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Meet Ivan Diaz, One of the Trusted Locksmiths at The Lockman

Meet The Lockman Team

If you had to use only one word to describe Ivan Diaz, that word would be …Enthusiastic. He is the type of man whose smile is contagious and his laugh infectious. Ivan has joyfully been with The Lockman for nearly two years, and he is a fantastic asset to the company. He considers the locksmith trade an art form and was eager to learn the craft after seeing friends in the business happy and successful. When asked why he loves his job, he responds, “the professionalism, discretion, kindness, and safety at this job are abundant.”  

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Protect your Vacation Home with Security Systems

How to protect your Vacation Home and Air BnB

The Lockman Memphis

Unfortunately, thieves are breaking into unoccupied or vacant homes at an alarming rate. They are often searching for copper piping, and some are even stealing the water meters for the brass. It is not easy to keep an eye on your home all the time, especially if it is several miles away. Luckily, most crime is preventable, and with the proper steps, you too can have peace of mind knowing your vacation home is safe and secure. At The Lockman, we care about your home security and home safety. That is why we have compiled a list of helpful tips for keeping your vacation home or Air BnB secure.  

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Home Security Systems Steps to Ensure You are Not a Victim of Burglary

The Lockman, Memphis, TN 

Did you just spend a glorious week on vacation only to pull in your driveway and find your home was burglarized while you were away? The glee from your previous week is instantly gone, and you are left wondering, “Why me?” You do not have to spend a fortune to protect your home. Home security systems are available and there are a wide variety of options.

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