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The Importance of Security Doors 

At The Lockman Memphis, your safety is our priority. One of the ways we can help ensure your home is safe is to install a security door. Sadly, crime is on the rise. With crime on the rise, we need to do all we can to ensure our home and our family is as safe as possible.  

Recently, in the Cooper-Young neighborhood, a man was clearly under the influence of drugs, as he was completely naked, going door to door trying to enter each residence. Luckily, most homes on that street have security doors, and the perpetrator was caught before entering a home. You may think your neighborhood is safe, and things like that would not happen where you live but remember the adage “it’s always better to be safe than sorry.” 

Do not worry; your home can maintain its curb appeal with a security door. There are many securities door options. At The Lockman, we have a variety of security doors you can choose from, yet if you prefer to buy one and have it installed, we are happy to accommodate you. Particular security doors can be cumbersome and hard to install on your own. Our team is highly trained and knows how to install a security door quickly and efficiently. 

Best Types of Security Doors 

We scoured the web and studied the most important qualities for an effective security door. According to the website, the following security doors are the best of 2022. 

Best Overall: Main Door Mahogany 

Best If You are on a Budget: Unique Home Designs Steel Door 

Best Screen/Security Door: Prime-Line Woodguard with tamper-proof hinges 

Best Climate Control: Glass Craft ThermaPlus with steel with tempered glass 

Best Steel Door: Viz-Pro Quick Mount with a 9–12-point locking system 

Whether you choose to get your door from The Lockman or order your door and hire us to install it, your peace of mind will increase tremendously. There is no better feeling than knowing your family is protected.  

At The Lockman, we offer more than just security doors. We have many different services to ensure your safety or get you out of a jam, including: 

  • Lockouts-commercial, residential, and automotive 
  • Rekeying your home’s locks 
  • Key Duplication 
  • New Locks Installed 
  • Ignition Repair 
  • Door Lock Cylinder Repair 
  • Making Transponder Keys for your Car if You Have Lost Your Only Key 
  • Master Key Systems/IC Cores and more 

Contact The Lockman today for any of your locksmith needs. We have been serving Memphis for 20 years. You can reach us at (901) 246-2246 or email at [email protected]

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